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Plan of activities carried out by the VPRS MOBB in 2023

Plan of activities carried out by the VPRS MOBB in 2023

XIII International Scientificconference "Microbialbiotechnologies: fundamental andapplied aspects. As part ofconference there will be a meetingGeneral Assembly WPRS MOBB
June 6-9
Minsk, Belarus
XI International Scientific and Practicalconference"Protection of plants from harmfulorganisms"
June 19-23
Kuban GAU, Krasnodar, Russia
IX All-Russian Scientific and Practicalconference"Methodological and theoreticalbasics of selection, seed production,breeding and protectionagricultural, horticultural andforest woody plants"
September 4-9
NikitskyBotanical Garden,Crimea,Yalta, Russia
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