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» » Article "Biological protection of plants in the air - a brief outline of the history of development"

Article "Biological protection of plants in the air - a brief outline of the history of development"

Biological plant protection in Hungary - a brief outline of the history of development

Authors: Istvan Eke Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hungary,
Gyula Bohar BIOVED 2005 Biological Crop Protection Limited Liability Company, Pinkamindszent, Hungary,
Georges Melika National Food Safety Agency, Budapest, Hungary,
Janos Molnar retired entrepreneur, Budapest, Hungary

Edited by: Istvan Eke Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hungary,
Translation from Hungarian: Janos Molnar retired entrepreneur, Budapest, Hungary

Correction of native Russian language: Yuri Ivanovich Gninenko VNIILM, Moscow


The last comprehensive analysis of the biological plant protection situation in Hungary was made over twenty years ago, in which the authors also presented a European perspective (edited by Polgár, 1999). In this paper, the authors mainly share theoretical knowledge, and in the case of Hungary they report much more about experiments and “promising possibilities” than about the practical application of the method. In the last two decades, in line with international trends, we have seen a significant shift in this direction throughout Europe, and also in Hungary. A systematic analysis of the situation is complicated by the fact that, although the statistics on the amount of plant protection products available on the market are kept in accordance with EU standards, data on macroorganisms in given units (kg or liter) are not actually taken into account. Further complicating the situation is the fact that much of the data collected by regulatory authorities is not publicly available. Thus, it is impossible to conduct a complete and reliable analysis of the current situation in terms of the real scale of the use of biological plant protection products.

The full version of the article can be found at the link below.

The full version of the article can be found here 

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