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Standing Commissions

1. Editorial-Commission PC-1 (Chairman-Yu. I. Gninenko (Russia).

2. Commission on entomophages and phytophages of weeds PK-2 (Chair N..Belyakova (Russia), D. Sosnowski (Poland).

3. Commission on microbiological plant protection products PC - 3 (Chairman-V. A. Pavlushin (Russia), E. I. Kolomiets (Belarus).

4. The Commission for integrated systems of plant protection PK-4 (Chairman of the L. I. Trepashko (Belarus), A. B. Laptev (Russia).

5. Commission on selective methods of plant protection PK-5 (Chairman V. Y. Ismailov (Russia).

6. Commission on the biological protection of the forest PK-6 (Chairman, Y. I. Gninenko).

7. The Commission on technology of industrial production of biological plant protection products PC-7

8. Commission of genetically modified plants PC-8 (Chairman M. S. Sokolov (Russia).

9. Commission for biological protection of plants from diseases PC-9 (Chairman, S. S. Sanin (Russia), I. Novikov (Russia).

10. The Commission on innovation in biological plant protection PP-10 (Chair: N. R.Goncharov (Russia).скачать софт
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