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The Giza Horvath Prize was awarded to J. Molnaru

On February 20, 2018, at the 64th Annual Conference of the Hungarian Plant Protection Society, the highest award of the Society, the Giza Horváth Prize, was awarded to J. Molnar, Permanent Representative of Hungary to the MWBF OVS.

The Giza Horvath Prize is awarded annually, starting in 1974, to one specialist a year for his services in the development of plant protection in Hungary.

Geza Horvath (1847-1937) was one of the founders of the Hungarian plant protection. Initially, he was a district doctor, but specialized in zoology, entomology and phytopathology. He began working with various elements of integrated plant protection, including biological control. He organized and was the director of the first institute, from which the Institute of Plant Protection was later organized. In Hungary, Geza Horvath also organized the first plant protection journal and the first association of Hungarian entomologists.
The President of the WBRD, Dolzhenko V.I. It was on behalf of the WCDB secretariat that I congratulated Janos Molnar on his highly deserved award

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